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Friday, July 01, 2005

new day

Hallo Everybody,

I'm proud to report that i am doing much better...for all those who remembered me in a prayer and sent me all those hugs and encouraging messages...God bless you abundantly. I working through each day with God's help. I figured it was time i did something different so i collected my savings and decided to travel...In a couple of days I will be going to the U.K, then Australia, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Egypt and then back to the States...I am so excited and plan to travel with an open mind...I love you all for writing and promise to keep in touch...

Funny thing is that recently i had this huge fall out with my boyfriend and he cursed the shit out of me...and now that i have finally decided to leave the country he is coming up with the craziest ideas to keep me here, coz he thinks i might hook up with someone else.

Tell me something, coz maybe the fact that i am so engrossed in this r/shp i can not see things clearly. Why would he want to get me pregnant after we just broke up....(sure glad this is anonymous)...? We had a long talk and we realized he does not love me as much as i love him and generally the whole r/shp was turning out to be a waste of time, even though we had been together6 years...so how does he wake up one morning and pick up there phone to say to me lets have a baby even though we are not together...? Is it my medication or does this seem odd to someone else as well. And by the way one of the main reasons we broke up is that i found out he was cheating on me. He has quite an interesting defence to that....he says because his father back in Kenya has 3 wives he tends to think it is in their blood to stray...I was like WOW, how is it that you can be with someone so long and grow to love them so much and never see things like this coming. We had some good times though...his craziness aside he is an amazing Kenyan brother and hopefully will make some women a good husband.

Back to my mudslide, I love this drink.

love you all. God Bless.


Blogger Poi said...

Am so happy for u Bonitta. Finally, all that we hoped for. That, you'd get better and pull thru what you was going thru. Its a prayer answered for real.

I'm so proud of you for hanging in there and living it down.

How nice you'll be travelling all over. Its sure sounds like its gonna be some good fun. Go girl!

As for your, Ex, how dare he say it's in the kenyan blood to stray. I donn agree with him, coz not all of them do it, as much as it's there and it happens. I guess its just the decisions/choices one makes as a person.

Move on girl, you deserve far much better. A baby with him and you are not even together? I guess he knows what he has lost in breaking up with you. So, he is trying to cling in any way possible. But, i guess its too late. Move on and all the best.

You've taught me alot,thru reading your posts. What you are going thru and how you've handled it. Please keep in touch.

God bless, bigtime! Am so happy for you.

10:13 AM  
Blogger mutumia said...

Bonnita- it sounds like it's a last ditch effort to convince you to stay- as for his defense defending his straying- wack! As women, sometimes we listen to what a guy says- as opposed to what he does and the lesson that I take from my relationships is that there usually isn't that big a discrepancy between these two ideals unless summ'n ain't right.

2:50 PM  

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